Thursday, June 3, 2010

new semester

Cant wait to start next semester, many things await:

1/ gateaway with mom

2/ 3rd year ~new subjects

3/ new determination~ CGPA and other things

4/ maybe new colleagues in the upcoming MT

5/ children of Rumah Raudah

6/ Sekinchan Parit 12 & 13

7/ upcoming Raya Business~ice box cookies ;)

8/ "our" secret plan..gurlz i just cant wait!

After an exciting program, i would sniffing through all the program's photos~

Aikol Community Service 2010, please bare with my crazy impulse for a while...i promise this tingling over the joy will fade away~ but when??

p/s: good luck for the forthcoming exams to all IIUM students.. May Allah bestowed upon you His guidance.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

cepatlah grad~

boss: awak x lame lagi grad kan??

saye: ye...

boss: nanti klau saya ade lagi kat sini...buatlah chambering kat sini

saye: LAP pon bleh?

boss: ape tu??

saye: attachment

boss: boleh2

saye: tersengih2 gembira =)

p/s: yakin gaji tuk attachment lagi byk, kerja kat sini pon senang, relax jer